Land Art

Andy Goldsworthy dans le Refuge d'Art "La Forest" Loupe

Andy Goldsworhty in "La Forest" Refuge d'Art

Andy et Yvan au Refuge du Vieil Esclangon Loupe

Andy and Yvan in Refuge d'Art "Le Vieil Esclangon"

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Alexandra David-Néel put her trunks down in 1928 where Provence and the Alps meet. At Digne-les-Bains, the first European to enter Lhasa found in miniature the mountains, solitude and Himalayan light. A well-kept explorer's secret.

It is in the footsteps of the great explorer that you will walk for a week in the company of Yvan, your hiking and yoga guide, passionate about Alexandra David-Neel, Buddhism, yoga and the Himalayas, but also about her region, Haute-Provence, whose landscapes tell the story of the formation of the Mediterranean and the Alps, but are not without reminding us of the Himalayas. Ladakh, Sikkim, Tibet, Nepal... In the valley of the Haute Bleone, where you stay in a yurt! The comparison is particularly obvious.

During the itinerant trek guided by Yvan, you will explore the largest UNESCO labelled Geopark in Europe. Alexandra David Néel chose to stay in Haute-Provence during her retreat because this mountainous and wild territory reminded her of the most isolated parts of Tibet.

As for the famous artist Andy Goldsworthy, he decided to create one of his main collections around it because the heritage and landscapes inspired him enormously. His work, called "Refuge d'Art" can be discovered on several exceptional sites, integrated in chapels, sheepfolds and old dwellings.

Refuge d'Art is a single work of art to be browsed. Conceived by the British artist Andy Goldsworthy in partnership with the Gassendi Museum and the Haute-Provence Geological Reserve, this route, which is unique in Europe, runs for 150 km through the exceptional landscapes of the Reserve and combines in a singular way contemporary art, hiking and the enhancement of natural and cultural heritage.

Linking three Sentinels (dry stone cairns created by the artist in the heart of three valleys), the route follows ancient paths and crosses the traces of a once intense agricultural life. Andy Goldsworthy wished to punctuate this route with Refuges, old ruined habitats belonging to the small unprotected rural heritage (chapels, farms, jas) which have been restored to shelter hikers for a stopover or an overnight stay. A sculpture designed specifically for each of these sites is now an integral part of the buildings.

You will discover this singular and well-preserved territory by walking along paths that are rarely used and stay in charming accommodation places offering a personalized service (hotel, gîte, refuge, yurt camp). Yvan also offers you a daily yoga practice (optional) on the way or in the evening, whose gentle body practices will both eliminate possible muscular tensions from walking and prepare you to sit down for breathing and meditative exercises.

Your Guide: Yvan has been a Mountain Leader and Yoga Teacher since 1999. He is one of the first to have associated these two disciplines that are Yoga and Hiking since 2001. A great traveller in Asia and especially in India and Nepal, Yvan loves to share with you his passion for the Haute-Provence and the Himalayas. Yvan teaches Hatha-Yoga, which helps to improve one's physical, mental and breathing condition.

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