From 7th to 12th August 2022 + From 25th to 30th September 2022  - 6 days - 5 nights -  as from € 690 per person

Culminating at nearly 3,000 m, the Trois Evêchés mountain range is not widely well known, and that's not really bad. Located in the extreme southwest of the Alps, the "Trois Evêchés" enjoy a sunny climate. Larch trees are growing near fine lavender, rivers have carved out deep green valleys, and alpine wildlife feels at ease in this sparsely populated area. We will follow a loop around the "Tête de l'Estrop", the highest summit of the mountain range, connecting several valleys with very different characteristics.

Difficulty: 80 km of hiking, mainly on mountain trails. There are a few short stretches on light road and tracks. Part of the itinerary is also off-trail. While the itinerary is not really difficult, there are a few passages that require a minimum of agility to be taken into account.

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